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Over the past 10 years, the use

of CBD for pain relief has exploded.


Everywhere we look, it seems another beautifully branded CBD company pops up, promising to alleviate pain—so how do we stand out? 


Most topical CBD products for pain relief, are ineffective, mainly because they can't penetrate the skin barrier, and instead rely on a menthol driven placebo effect 


In an over saturated market and the FDA unclear on how to regulate it, people are losing trust in the efficacy of CBD for pain relief.


Canncestra focused on breaking down the patented and complex science of how their product actually works, into bite size pieces that can be understood?

Canncestra-2024Q1-MuscleRelief4oz-Product002 copy.webp

The Brand

Canncestra is a brand created by a Botanist, an herbalist-nurse, and a pharmacologist—better described as "nerdy hippies"— so it was important that that was a constant through line represented throughout.  For that reason, I chose a color palette anchored in a deep blue, with bright colors that were trustworthy, yet approachable. 

Canncestra-2024Q1-Family-Product001 copy.webp


Where CBD Meets Science

This product f*ing works.
It's important people G.E.T. how.

Science doesn't need to be daunting. In fact, it's beautiful. We felt it was imperative to focus on explaining the science behind how these products work, and came up with The G.E.T. Method. G.E.T. is an acronym for Canncestra's proprietary formulation of GlycoXanthin, Envisomes™, and Terpenes (G.E.T.!) otherwise known as a super CBD delivery machine that works like no other.

trifold brochure mockup copy.webp

Product &
Packaging Design

As a higher-end product, it was imperative that the packaging felt sophisticated, but also fun. Being  a frequent dispensary shopper myself, it was important to design packaging I knew I would buy.

Canncestra-2024Q1-JointRelief4oz-Product002 copy.webp
Canncestra-2024Q1-POP copy.webp
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