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You Lucky Duck

Brand Strategy, Naming, Creative Direction, Visual Identity System, Print, Packaging, Digital Strategy


You Lucky Duck



Branding a line of curated travel kits, conveniently  designed to meet the needs of a current on-the-go lifestyle.


Traveling is fast paced and stressful. When people travel, no matter how hard they try, plan, and over prepare, something always gets forgotten.


With 83 million Americans taking solo trips and 70% of solo travelers going to places they're not confident going themselves means that people want to be able to pickup and go, and rely on staying connected.


There was a line of ready-made travel kits thoughtfully curated for the modern traveller. 

YLD poster mockup.webp

Naming & Logo

"You Lucky Duck" was born out of a need to fill a void in a house of brands. After months of qualitative research, I identified a white space in the consumer electronics market — curated travel kits.


There's nothing better than feeling prepared. Because of that, I wanted a name that would convey confidence,  was seriously playful and felt on-the-go. "You Lucky Duck"— an idiom for a lucky person—ticked all those boxes.


Additionally, I liked how the acronym YLD read as "yield" and could possibly be used as a design element.


 "Digital nomads" working in the US in 2023 

 Americans working remotely in 2023 

duck riding subway car
travel kit mockup.webp

Product & Packaging Design

Ever been on a long flight with a screaming baby and no headphones? What about in another country with a dead battery and no adapter? 


Things get forgotten last minute, no matter how many times you go over your to-do list. Traveling is stressful—but it doesn’t have to be.

We identified four different types of travelers, and designed individualized kits based on their needs.


duck in paris

 Bon   Voyage! 


We're thinking for you.

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