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Visual Identity System, Print, Digital Strategy





A visual identity system for Moroccan-American designer, Hisham Oumlil. 

The logo fuses together the Tifinaugh and latin alphabets. 

The flexibility of the logo allows it to be separated, rotated, and scaled up or down, with one rule always followed; They can not be treated independently from one another and must remain in balance. If the latin mark is scaled, the Berber mark must be scaled and visa versa. 

The logo

hangtag mockup copy.webp
magazine layout copy.webp
Asset 1.png

It was important that the cultural collisions were always present. 

Everything around us is the product of a collision of cultures. Societies are built on the integration of cultures into every day life. It is important to Hisham that the brand represent more than just fashion; that it's a platform for a bigger conversation

instagram mockup.png
wrapping paper2.png
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