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The world is rapidly changing. What was once a strategic and sustainable business model may not be enough to guarantee a company's existence. Businesses must adapt or fall victim to being a memory of the past.  


Walmart is at risk of making the same mistakes as its retail predecessors


The Walmart empire was built on what people wanted. 


Walmart went back to prioritizing people as much

as profit?


Sam Walton

The success of Walmart is due to the innovations of Founder Sam Walton and his people first approach. He said, "There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else."


Bring The Walton
back to Walmart.

Improving the everyday for everybody, all the time. Walmart can better support company employees, become a better place to shop, and effectively re-invigorate the company’s brand value.


A flexible shift scheduling system that puts Associates in control. The rise of gig work has revolutionized how we see the US workforce. For many, gig work provides much needed flexibility and sustainable income opportunity, but gig-shift companies have proven to be poor long-term solutions for employees. If Walmart extracts the beneficial aspects of gig work – like flexibility, employee control, and surge pay for workers— they will provide Associates stability while optimizing staffing needs.

Simply being Great.

An updated visual identity elevates the house brand to one of playfulness and reliability—NOT just a bargain brand. Dropping the word “Value” from the private label responds to Walmart’s new strategy of Live Better, Always by shifting emphasis from low price, to high quality.

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Put the extra in the ordinary.

Walmart associates are the unsung heroes and the beating heart of the retail conglomerate. They are who Put the Extra in the Ordinary—a National External and In-store Campaign where Walmart Associates are the stars by simply being themselves.

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